Saturday, 20 September 2014

Five Tips from Alison Tyler

 Five tips on how to write erotica from Alison Tyler:

1)  Write all the time. Got an idea? Grab a pen. Got no ideas? Grab a pen and pretend you have an idea. I am prolific because I never stop writing.

2) Don’t give up. If a story takes a turn you didn’t expect and don’t know how to deal with, put the piece aside and work on something else. (You’ll have something else to work on, because you followed tip #1.)

3) Listen to your characters. If they want to do something you didn’t plan, let them. Often your characters will direct the action. They may know what is going to happen before you do.

4) Don’t rush. Some stories arrive fully formed, battering at your door, demanding to be written from top to bottom. Others can take months (or in my case, years). Trust yourself to know when a piece is actually complete.

5) Take risks. Write from a POV you’ve never considered before. Write in a tense that is unusual for you. I entertain myself with my stories. To keep my writing fresh, I explore different voices, tenses, locations, time periods, genres. Always write first person past tense? Try second person present. Mix things up. Stay actively involved.

Alison Tyler is an editor, anthologist and the author of many pieces of fiction including 'Some Like it Hot' in her anthology Playing with FireMore of Alison's work can be found by visiting:

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