Saturday, 21 February 2015

What do editors look for? Brenda Knight

 Brenda Knight is a twenty-year publishing veteran, starting at HarperCollins and authored American Book Award-winning Women of the Beat Generation, Rituals for Life and Wild Women and Books. Knight has worked with many bestselling authors including Mark Nepo, Phil Cousineau, Congresswoman Jackie Speier, and Paolo Coehlo. Knight volunteers for the American Cancer Society as a counselor for the newly diagnosed and leads writing workshops “Putting Your Passion on Paper.” Founding editor of Viva Editions, a division of Cleis Press, Knight lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.

1) Don't "over write." Less is more.

2) In fiction, the best trick is to make the reader intrigued by leaving something unexplained. Explain towards the end.

3) Erotic fiction is easy to go overboard into "purple prose" so let the anticipation build.

4) Truly, the art is in the details—the great Vladimir Nabokov said to fill the eye of the reader's mind with details that create a picture.

5) Stay fresh by reading a lot, especially the greats.

Brenda Knight is an associate publisher of Cleis Press,

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