Monday, 10 December 2012

A Word from the Author

 By Ashley Lister

 When it came to producing How to Write Erotic Fiction, I was lucky enough to be in an ideal position. 

I’m the author of more than two dozen erotic fiction titles and countless erotic short stories. I also teach creative writing. This means I have some idea of how to construct an erotic story and I know of some of the more appropriate methods to help novice writers (in all genres) develop their talents.

I was also lucky in the fact I review a lot of erotic fiction and associate with many erotica authors. Over the course of the past two decades I’ve interviewed dozens of talented authors from the genre and reviewed hundreds upon hundreds of titles.

And so, when I was looking for illustrative passages to complete How to Write Erotic Fiction, I already knew which authors to approach and which passages most appropriately illustrated the points I wanted to make.

How to Write Erotic Fiction is a book that I’ve wanted to write for a long time. It contains my thoughts on the most exciting genre on contemporary bookshelves and it includes examples of good practice from writers I’ve honestly admired.

Over the next few months, as I get ready for the book’s launch, this blog will showcase tips from some of those writers as they share their thoughts and tips on the subject of writing erotic fiction.

There will also be tips from writers I didn't manage to include the title and a few words from editors who explain exactly what they look for when receiving submissions.

So, if you ever had an idea to pen an erotic memoir or write a risqué tale, I hope you'll bookmark this page and consider the advice each week on How to Write Erotic Fiction.

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