Tuesday, 15 July 2014


 Edited by Kojo Black

An anthology of wet and wild erotica from: Janine Ashbless, Justine Elyot, Primula Bond, Lisette Ashton and Vina Green.

Melusine by Janine Ashbless
Every Friday for ten years, Martin’s beautiful wife has left their home to spend the night somewhere else. Now, Martin can bear it no longer, and he is out to uncover the mind-blowing truth…no matter what the cost.

The Pool Party by Primula Bond In the hills of southern France, an empty villa and luxurious pool provide two friends with unforeseen temptations...

Naiad by Justine Elyot Told in the style of a modern myth, Naiad is a wet and wild tale of an urban nymph returning to her element.

Hard to Swallow by Lisette Ashton A radio station's ambitious receptionist is enthralled by the voluptuous bottles of mineral water carried by all the DJs. There’s nothing like cool water for a dry throat, but it takes more than water to quench a burning lust!

A Divine Solution by Vina Green In the midst of the worst drought in decades, a young wife bursts the dam of her desire and, in doing so, discovers that she might just save her whole community...

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