Monday, 4 March 2013

Julia Morizawa

 Five tips (in no particular order) on how to write erotica from Julia Morizawa:

1) Write from your heart. Even fiction should spark from a real place inside of you.

2) Follow your instincts. If it doesn't feel right, it probably isn't.

3) Be truthful to yourself. A lot of people might tell you things like, "This is the way a book should be written," or "Here's an example of a great book." Who cares? Don't feel obligated to write in a way that you think society or the literary community will appreciate. Just write with your own, personal, unique voice.

4) Don't worry about being pretty. Don't allow technical details like grammar, "correct" story structure, your publisher/editor, etc., get in your way. Your priority is to tell a story. You can go back and clean it up later.

5) Share it with other people. If you announce to at least one other person that is in your life regularly that you are writing a book, it will force you to remain diligent. After all, you'll want something to report when your best friend/husband/mother nags you with, "Whatever happened to that book you said you were writing?" Along the same lines, when you're ready, get lots of feedback from people you trust who aren't afraid to be honest. The purpose of feedback is not to give you a pat on the shoulder or an ego boost. It is to dissect your work and get various outside opinions so you can adapt and improve it.

Julia Morizawa is the author of many pieces of fiction including Memoirs of a Wannabe Sex AddictMore of Julia's work can be found by visiting:

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