Monday, 25 March 2013

Justine Elyot

 Five tips on writing erotic fiction from Justine Elyot: 

1) Start by writing about what turns you on. Don't worry about catering for every taste – you can't.

2) Don't be coy. Don’t fret about what people will think of you, or your writing will feel watered down and lacking in force.

3) A lot of the eroticism of a story will come from the characters, the predicaments, the settings or other details. Don't invest everything in the acts themselves.

4) Hmm, a lot of 'don'ts' here. Don't take any notice of a list full of don'ts.

5) Do enjoy it, or it won't work.
Almost everything wrong with an early draft can be fixed with thorough revisions.

Justine Elyot is the author of many pieces of fiction including The Game and the short story 'The London O' in OrgasmicMore of Justine's work can be found by visiting:

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